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Repair Water Leaks in Swimming Pools in Malaga


Repair of Water Leaks in Swimming Pools

In Inspecciones Técnicas we have a staff specialized in locating and repairing water leaks in hotel pools, neighborhood communities and private homes.

Water leaks occur regularly in swimming pools. It is essential to check the installations periodically, because if the leak is not repaired in time, there will be major damage and consequently the repair will be much more expensive.

To detect water leaks in swimming pools we use the gas system, since it allows us to locate undetectable leaks by other means. This system consists in introducing gas into the affected pipe and in acoustically measuring with specialized equipment the gas that escapes through the cracks or pores of the pipe. The tracer gas is composed of 5% hydrogen gas and 95% nitrogen gas at five atmospheres. According to ISO 10156 this gas mixture is not flammable, toxic, dangerous or corrosive.

When introducing the gas in the pipe, it comes to the surface crossing several layers and is captured with a detector, locating in an exact way the point where the water leak is located.

In Inspecciones Técnicas we detect and fix cracks and water leaks located in pools quickly and effectively. If you need us to solve water leakage problems in your pool, call us.

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Cleaning of pipelines and manifolds, inspection of pipelines with robotic chamber, rehabilitation with packer system, industrial cleaning, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, cleaning and disinfection of cisterns and water treatment plants and location And repair of water leaks.


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