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High Pressure Cleaning in Malaga


High Pressure Cleaning

Inspecciones Técnicas we are a company specialized in high pressure cleaning. To carry out this work we have a large fleet of advanced technology trucks capable of adapting to the needs of their facilities.

We offer the best high pressure cleaning services: cleaning of pipes, cleaning of sanitation networks, cleaning of cisterns, cleaning of pavements, cleaning of sports facilities, cleaning of tennis courts, cleaning of parks, cleaning of recreation areas, cleaning of surfaces, etc.

In Inspecciones Técnicas we rigorously comply with the regulations required by our sector. Only a company specializing in high pressure cleaning will provide the best care for your facilities. Contact us and we will give you a budget without commitment.

With the use of water under pressure, we eliminate a large part of the salts that get trapped in the surfaces quickly. This system does not generate dust and allows to eliminate abrasive material from closed spaces. Once the surface is clean it is necessary to provide a correct maintenance so that it does not rust again.

We offer a complete high pressure cleaning service that guarantees the care of the materials that make up any surface. If you need our help, call us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Removal company in Malaga specialized in unblocking and unblocking of pipes. Pipe inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation works.

Cleaning of pipelines and manifolds, inspection of pipelines with robotic chamber, rehabilitation with packer system, industrial cleaning, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, cleaning and disinfection of cisterns and water treatment plants and location And repair of water leaks.


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