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Cleaning and Disinfection of Cisterns in Malaga


Cleaning of Cisterns

It is very important to keep the tank clean and disinfected to ensure that the water meets the optimal conditions for its use and is not contaminated.

In Inspecciones Técnicas we have a team of professionals that will offer you a quick, quality and accurate cleaning and disinfection of cisterns. In addition, we have state-of-the-art machinery for the correct cleaning and disinfection of the cistern.

It is necessary to carry out a maintenance and control plan assiduously of the quality of the water. The regulations require the cleaning and disinfection of the tanks at least once a year, as the water inside the tank has dirt and sediment, stagnant water, bad taste and odor over time.

Our scrapping company specializing in cleaning and disinfection of drinking water tanks complies with Royal Decree 140/2003 of 7 February, which establishes the criteria for the quality of water for human consumption. In Inspecciones Técnicas we try that the water quality criteria are adjusted to the minimum required for human consumption, guaranteeing its healthiness.

For a correct cleaning and disinfection of the drinking water tank, we perform the function of descaling and disinfection, followed by a rinse with potable water, using authorized products registered in the Ministry of Health. We perform a total emptying with sludge cleaning and we spray hypochlorite on the walls of the tank. Afterwards, we clarify and neutralize the cistern.

Once the cleaning service has been carried out, we provide our customers with a Cleaning and Disinfection Certificate that certifies the optimum condition of the cistern.

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Cleaning of pipelines and manifolds, inspection of pipelines with robotic chamber, rehabilitation with packer system, industrial cleaning, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, cleaning and disinfection of cisterns and water treatment plants and location And repair of water leaks.


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