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Locating and Repairing Water Leaks in Malaga


Locating and Repairing Water Leaks

In Inspecciones Técnicas we have a team of professionals expert in the work of locating and repairing water leaks, as well as, with the most advanced machinery on the market to locate and detect the exact point of the leak without the need to perform works.

We locate water leaks quickly and effectively to avoid moisture and leaks.

We locate water leaks in sanitation networks, supply pipes, swimming pools, hot water pipes, heating installations, underfloor heating and irrigation systems. So that the aesthetic damages are minimal after solving the problem of the leak, we have of all the necessary replacement material.

To successfully locate water leaks we do not need to make holes in the walls, since we use techniques with thermography, georadar, ultrasound, tracer gas and loggers.

  • Leakage location with thermography:

By infrared thermography we measure the temperature of the pipe. Through the equipment of thermovision we convert the energy in information of colors, detecting the location of the leak thanks to the temperature contrast.

  • Leakage location with georadar:

The georadar system allows us to collect information from the subsoil and obtain images of the leak to mark the exact point.

  • Ultrasonic leak location:

Leaks are detected by a frequency-receiving device called a geophone that picks up information about movements or vibrations in the subsoil. As the sensor approaches the point where the water leakage occurs, the signal strength increases.

  • Locating tracer gas leaks:

It consists of introducing gas into the affected pipe to obtain the acoustic measurement of the gas escaping through the pores or cracks in the pipe. The tracer gas is made up of 5% hydrogen gas and 95% nitrogen gas. This mixture of gases is not flammable and is neither toxic nor dangerous.

The tracer gas can quickly detect leaks in valves, pipes, gaskets, deposits, etc.

  • Leakage location through loggers:

Loggers can locate leakage problems in pipes by analyzing the acoustic waves that are produced in them because of the flow they carry.

In Inspecciones Técnicas we can detect leaks in schools, neighborhood communities, hotel complexes and private homes. We detect water leaks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our professionals will perform a quick and effective work to avoid further water losses.

Removal company in Malaga specialized in unblocking and unblocking of pipes. Pipe inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation works.

Cleaning of pipelines and manifolds, inspection of pipelines with robotic chamber, rehabilitation with packer system, industrial cleaning, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, cleaning and disinfection of cisterns and water treatment plants and location And repair of water leaks.


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