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Inspecciones Técnicas we are a company specialized in cleaning services and unattached pipes, rehabilitation of pipes, detection of hidden water leaks and repair of pipes and sewer networks.

We have a highly qualified and professional human team that receives continuous training to apply innovative and effective techniques. In addition, we have the necessary technical resources to solve any problem: robotic cameras, high-pressure cleaning trucks, pipeline tracers, thermal imaging cameras, loggers, milling robots, georadar, packers, inspection robots, mini cameras, etc.

We constantly update our technological systems to detect any failure or damage in pipes reliably and quickly. This allows us to adjust and reduce the costs of our services and the execution time.

In Inspecciones Técnicas we offer a wide range of services: stripping, unblocking and unblocking of pipes, cleaning of pipes, cisterns, blind wells, septic tanks, sewage and collectors, disinfection of drinking water tanks, location and repair of water leaks, high pressure cleaning, inspection of pipes with robotic camera, rehabilitation of pipes with packer system, location of hidden conduits, etc.

Our scrapping company Malaga detects water leaks, repairs and rehabilitates the pipes without the need to open ditches or break, offering a clean, fast and efficient service. The years of experience accumulated in the field of pipe rehabilitation and the constant updating of our equipment place us among the most specialized companies in leak detection.

Removal company in Malaga specialized in unblocking and unblocking of pipes. Pipe inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation works.

Cleaning of pipelines and manifolds, inspection of pipelines with robotic chamber, rehabilitation with packer system, industrial cleaning, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, cleaning and disinfection of cisterns and water treatment plants and location And repair of water leaks.


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